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What is PPC management?

PPC (pay-per-click) management is the process of managing and supervising or overseeing a company’s PPC ad spends. Most often, e-merchants or vendors undertake this management themselves, but it always proves much better to hire a dedicated company like SSB to manage PPC buys on their behalf. We are proud of the way we manage your PPC campaign. It includes: discovering, selecting, determining and targeting the specific keywords for your company; developing a channel strategy for your PPC marketing by dealing with Google Ad Words, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, paid social media placements; monitoring the search term reports; closely watching overall ROI; analysing the competitors’ tactics; optimising ad spend by filtering out the users and undertaking A/B testing for optimising PPC ROI.

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Local PPC/Google Ads Agency in Birmingham

SSB fairly boasts of its being the best local PPC/Google Ads Agency in Birmingham, for it manages all the types of PPC advertising for your valued online company. We always target quick traffic increase and lead generation for your online business through this invaluable marketing tool of PPC. We do search advertising, display advertising, social media advertising, sequential remarketing, and Google shopping with the sole target of enhancing your direct access to your return on investment. Being thoroughly familiar with the local market, we know all the ropes about choosing the right avenue for your budget in Birmingham. With our dedicated PPC management team, we have significant expertise in the area, valuable industry contacts and well-established relations and connections to existing advertising platforms.

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How PPC Ads can boost a business?

PPC Ads operated by SSB is an amazing advertising tool that can boost a business miraculously. Through this marketing technique, companies can customize their campaigns based on their desired goals, amplify the online traffic to their websites and boost up leads to grow their business appreciably. PPC Ads never keeps you waiting for the results for long. You may get immediate, daily results and your brand begins to be recognised at a great pace. Moreover, PPC advertising is measureable and tractable as per your wish because you have full control over your campaigns all the time. Above all, PPC Advertising can boost your business because it has targeting capabilities, keeps up with competitors and is very much budget friendly as well.

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What does a business achieve in PPC Marketing?

A business can reap a lot of benefits by using PPC Marketing executed by SSB. With the efficiency and immediacy of PPC Marketing campaigns, your online business can grasp all the opportunities within minutes from its launching. The instant responses your PPC ads get from the millions of web users make this marketing tool ideal for product launches, seasonal promotions and event-focused marketing. Another marvelous achievement your business attains through PPC Marketing is the possibility of tracking its own success at your free will. This tool helps the business decide which campaign, strategy or landing page is the most responsive and the best option for its glorious success. Maximum exposure and brand recognition through highly targeted website traffic at a minimum possible cost and without being SEO reliant are the other wonderful achievements every business feels proud of.

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Which PPC campaign is the most suitable?

Beyond all doubts whatsoever, Google Ads is the daddy of the PPC world. Ever since its launching, Google Ads is the best thing with the sheer amount of traffic and specifically targeted keywords up for grab. Whatever the size of your campaign or the budget may be, Google Ads is a must with the characteristic features of a huge ad network and millions of third party websites. SSB boasts of its heartfelt attachment with Google Ads to carry on the most suitable PPC campaign for your business no matter which niche it may belong to. Though it may prove a bit more costly as compared to the other lesser-known networks, Google Ads is the first choice for being the most used search engine that attracts billions of people every day, ensuring the maximum exposure for your PPC campaign.

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WHY to choose SSB for your PPC campaign?

Though the market is full of many agencies ready to serve your PPC campaign, SSB stands apart from all of them in many aspects. Our strategically crafted PPC campaigns bring traffic, leads, and customers quite instantly once the ads get started. SSB always does brainstorming to know who your customers are, what they are looking for, and how they are searching for it. We also provide you keyword suggestions by showing you search volume data and trends, cost per click, and competitive data. SSB ensures to its maximum that people click your ad and buy what you are selling. If you decide in favour of SSB, you will be proud of your decision throughout.

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